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Our cooperative was established to promote the healthy development of stationery industry and create independent economic activities of our members through cooperative projects in 1962. Korea Stationery Industry Cooperative is the representative body for stationery manufacturing industry over 1,400 companies nationwide, guiding stationery industry development through the steps of self-sufficient and domestic production, improvement of quality and export, and aiming of world's leading stationery industry.

This website offers the information about functions and roles of KSIC to internet users of domestic and foreign countries, and introduction of our members including manufacturers and their products. Furthermore, the website provides the information about Seoul International Stationery & Office Fair (SISOFAIR), and variety of statistics and news about Korea stationery industry.

We hope this homepage help all visitors and we encourage for your continual interest, support and participation for development of stationery industry. Thank you.
한국문구공업협동조합 이사장 우동석
한국문구공업협동조합 이사장 우동석