Seoul International Stationery &
Office Fair 2018
Attachment of Application Form
Attachment of Application Form


Stationery Industry faced an important momentum of great transformation age due to rapid changes of 21st digital
society. In addition, the transformation of distribution environment due to popularization of Internet, and expansion
of stationery products to electronic stationery, intensified the domestic and foreign market competition. The current
status quo is the right time to strive for more efforts to be invested for strengthening the competitiveness of our

industry. KSIC is planning to open 31th Seoul International Stationery & Office Fair 2018 in COEX from
2018. 11. 01 (Thu) ~ 04 (Sun) for four days. We expect this fair would be the agora of actively coping with rapid
changes of our business environment, revitalizing domestic stationery market towards consumers and promoting exports.

Previous Fair in 2017 exhibited various categories of stationery over 150 members from 6 different countries.
national and international stationery manufacturers and distributors attended and recorded the achievement of
$3.8 million amount of export counseling. Further, over 36,200 consumers showed their presence.

This year, KSIC is grateful to announce that through expansion of exhibition areas by product diversification and special
events, we would like to revitalize the stagnant domestic market. Further, not only informing the product information,
we would like to utilize the fair as the agora of event and field educational experience for consumers' active attendance.

In addition, we expect to reap fruitful exhibition performance by not only inviting the companies from traditional
stationery such as educational supplies, and office stationery, but also expanding to office machinery, paper, sales promotion,
gifts, educational materials, computer products and household items .

We encourage you to participate in this Seoul International Stationery & Office Fair 2018 which is establishing its
prominent status as professional stationery and office fair, to utilize as an opportunity for your public advertising, public
relations, and product introduction.

The Summary of Seoul International Stationery & Office Fair 2018


31th Seoul International Stationery & Office Fair 2018


  • Promoting industrial exports and globalization of stationery industry manufacuturing
  • Expanding domestic base through promotions to consumers
  • Promoting quality improvement of domestic stationery and new product development
  • Providing new product information and vitalizing domestic market


  • Exhibition Date : 2018. 11. 01 (Thu) ~ 04 (Sun) / 4 days
  • Exhibition Opening Time : 10:00 ~ 18:00


COEX , Floor 3 Hall C

Hosted by

Korea Stationery Industry Cooperative(KSIC)

Supported by

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Small and Medium Business Administration, Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business, Korean Trade Association, KOTRA, Korea Stationery Wholesale Cooperative, Korea Federation of Stationery Professionals , Korea Gift Maker Association




Approx. 200 (Domestic/150, Foreign/50)

Exhibition Categories

Office and educational Instruments, Promotion and Gifts, Arts/Design Instruments, Wholesale and Retail related
instruments, paper and designed stationery, office machinery, computation products, learning and kids teaching
materials, stationery manufacturing-oriented machinery and components, stationery manufacturing-oriented raw
and subsidiary materials, home materials, and others

Expected Outcomes

  • Buyer attraction : 500 (people)
  • Export Consultation : KRW 100 billion
  • Public Attendance : 35,000 (people)


  • Stationery Manufacturer & Distributor New Product Matching Consultation Fair
  • SISOFAIR 2018 New Product Competition(24times)
  • Stationery CEO Seminar
  • On-site Learning Experience Booth Corner
  • Service Day Discount Sales Event
  • Inviting Musician for performance
  • New Product Launching Pitch of Exhibitors

Join us (Guidelines)

Who to participate

How to participate (Registration)

How to participate (Registration)

How to participate
  • Registration Date : Closed at 2018. 08. 31(Early Closing if all booths are taken)
  • Registration Desk/Place : Korea Stationery Industry Cooperative
  • Tel : (02)2278-7891~5 / Fax : (02)2275-1065
  • Registration Documents : A Copy of Application Form (Download form),
                                               A Copy of Certificate for Business Registration
Entry Fee
  • Independent Booth (4Booths / Over 36sqm)
    Foreign Company : USD 2,070 (1Booth / 9sqm) / no surtax
  • Standard Booth (3Booths / Under 27sqm)
    Foreign Company : USD 2,610(1Booth / 9sqm) / no surtax
  • You can register as Standard Booth unit which is 9sqm(3sqm × 3sqm)
  • The cost of Standard Booth under 27sqm is covered under the host
  • The cost of Standard Booth over 36sqm is not covered under the host.
    This cost should be covered by the organizer himself
Account for Payment
  • All charges that be issued invoice by organizer are remitted to the account as follows Korea Stationery
    Industry Cooperative (KSIC)
  • Account No : 1005-680-407243, Woori Bank of Korea, Changchungnam Branch, Korea swift code: HVBKKRSEXXX
Booth Allocation
  • Order by Registration, payment, booth scale, etc

About Advertising on Exhibition Directory

Details of Issue

  • Size : 120mm(horizontal) × 210mm(vertical)
  • Number of Circulation : 2,000
  • Language : Mix of Korean and English

Advertising Fee

  • inside full color 1 page / USD 500

Allocation Subject

  • Domestic and International buyer who attend
  • International Trade Center and relevant local importer
  • National and International relevant institution and organization


  • Application for printing(The prescribed form): When submitting application form of SIS0FAIR 2016
  • Advertisement Design: Until 2018. 08. 31
  • Payment of Expenses: Until 2018. 08. 31

Construction and Telephone Facilities

Construction of Booth

  • Construction Period :2018. 10. 30(Tue) ~ 10(Wed) / 2 days
  • Removing Period : 20187. 11. 14(Sun) / 18:00 ~ 24:00

Standard Booth Construction (Under 27sqm)

  • Prefabricated Shima System, under the KSIC
  • Basic Booth Provision : Basic partition, interior flooring, closing of surface wall, basic lighting (fluorescent 1, spot 3), electrical wiring and socket, both signage, desk and chair set

Independent Booth Construction (Over 36sqm)

  • Construction should be Individually done by organizer
  • Independent Exhibitors should notify design drawing and contractor(designated by COEX) in advance to KSIC
    and should be approved

Telephone Facilities Application

  • Telephone Facilities Usage Fee: KRW 50,000
  • Application for Telephone Facilities (The prescribed form): When submitting application form of SIS0FAIR 2018
  • Installation and Payment of Expenses: Until 2018. 08. 31

Internet Access

  • Installation and Payment of Expenses: KRW 150,000
  • Provide Internet Service using Internet cable inside exhibition
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